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Strip for 4/14/2001  
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And we're back to being punctual. Aw yeah.

It looks like every webcomic needs a Black and White strip... so here's ours. But as usual... it's not about the game. More about my ability to get entriely wrapped up in the computer and Sil's inability to understand. Also, if you notice, as the day goes on, the spikiness factor of my hair decreases.

I won't bore you with detailed creature stories from the game, but I'm really sad to say that my Cow isn't really turning into a "good" cow based on the pics on planetblackandwhite.com. He's not the redeyed beast of terror yet, but he's definitely not the Guernsey God pictured there. Is it my fault I usually dump villagers in the ocean when I really need some belief?

Here's the latest daily scribble from Sil. I've also removed the fanmail page not due to lack of fan mail but due to the fact that much of the mail I get is pretty personal stuff. So I feel bad putting it up. And so the fanmail page goes. But keep the mail coming.

In the last couple of weeks, the amount of linking to us has started to decline... Instead of begging for links, I think that it's better to give than to receive.

Pffft.net. Wow, hip and sexy trio of geek girls. Hold me back, fellows.

You Damn Kid is an amazing strip. I just found out that the artist is from my hometown! I sent him gushing email but he hasn't written back yet. Anyway, the site is has some weird navigation issues, but it's worth hunting around because the strips are some of the most intelligently set up sequences I've seen.

Warp9ToHell gave us a link a little while ago. Repaying the favor here. I laugh because Usagi says in his rant that he doesn't understand strips that explain themselves underneath. Well, we're one of those strips. I share... because I think that the process of inspiration is a pretty cool one. I'm not really trying to make the strip funnier with the text. I'm trying to share bits o' me. But hey, feel free to skip all this blurb crap if you think it's crap.

On a final holiday note, happy Easter to those who celebrate.