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We wouldn't be here without the help and inspiration of a lot of people. And here's where we thank them.

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The best, of course. This is the standard butt kissing of course. But Kip's been reading PA since they were on loonygames. The fact that they easily survived the move to their own place and surpassed loonygames in readership was rather impressive. Kip started reading webcomics with this one and got Silvan hooked too. He loved their wanton violence and videogames and she appreciated watching Gabe's art change over time.

We love 'em. They don't know us yet, but we're hoping that we can someday make a splash 1/1600th as significant as they have.

People in the webcomic scene look at number 2 on the link list and say, "How frickin' original, really, pick the 2 most popular strips on the net, why don't you?"

As a parochial schooled boy, Kip appreciates Ishida-san's playing with religious fire. Silvan says, "His art... it's so consistent, it's scarily impressive." We love it, check it every day. And psst, Mr. Ishida gave Sil some Photoshop tips. So we feel special.

In Kip's opinion, one of the best newspaper strips today. The cat is pure genius, of course. But Kip likes to champion the dog, Satchel, because Satchel is the perfect straight man and also wears a wristwatch. Dogs with accessories. Funny.

Kip and Sil both love this sadly discontinued strip.

Kip says, "My older siblings read Bloom County avidly and I began reading the strips. I didn't really understand a lot of the humor at first but I began to have my sense of humor gently warped by the strip. I love how Bloom County combined off the wall happenings with everday ruminations. I love how each of the cast was well defined with unique foibles and strengths. And I love the intense amount of detail that Berke Breathed used in every panel. I wanted a Ronco Turnip Twaddler."

Sil agrees that the strip made no sense at first until one's brain was fully steeped in Breathed's strange strange world.

Chopping Block

Why is this so funny? Yet so sick? Kip loves it yet hates himself for loving it.

Sil loves the art. And she says, "Butch is so... hapless. I liked him from the start."

Ozy and Millie Great art and fine philosophical writing makes for a great strip. The two main characters are Ozy and Millie, who are young foxes growing up. Hm, best friends talking about life while silliness ensues... perhaps you shouldn't click on this link. I'll try not to steal too many ideas from DC Simpson, who seems like a nice guy, if a bit too earnest. But hey, he writes well so I respect that.
redmeat Once again... sick = funny. Sick + deadest of deadpan humor = hilarious. And that's what redmeat is.
Lily Wong By Larry Feign. The strip is fun Asian humor but some of the jokes make no sense unless you are familiar with Hong Kong. This guy used to be syndicated by a major HK company but then he lost it due to consorship issues. I'm glad to see that he survives on the Internet. The art is a nice swishy style and the characters are well developed. The only complaint is that the web page sucks to browse.

Sayuri, aka ObscureReferenceGirl, writes and draws this strip. She sent such glowing fan mail that we could tell she's a great person. Show her some support, people.

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Neil Gaiman (fan page: The Dreaming)

His online journal



Oh my freakin' Lord.

Those are the only sort of words that sum up the Scrubs' staff's gushing admiration for Neil Gaiman's work. Kip got introduced to the party pretty late by his sister near the end of high school. Sil knew Gaiman from his Death books but didn't read the entire Sandman series until she met Kip in college.

Since then, they've both gushed quite a bit, especially during Gaiman's Last Angel Tour, at the Vic Theater. On that tour, they got to hear Mr. Gaiman read some of his other works, to be scared by a bunch of dirty hippies in the audience, and to finally learn how to pronounce "Gaiman."

Kip just finished reading the Sandman Companion and is looking forward to reading through the 10 volume series again looking for more connections.

Sil can add her own gush at a later date.

Tony Moy Sil's brother. Great artistic talent must be genetically linked.
Michelle Koh

One of the most committed Scrubs fans is Kip's cousin, Michelle. She's gotten into blogs and webcomics now so, sorry for addicting you, Mitch.

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The one of the few exports that Wisconsin is truly proud of... the Onion. The best satirical newspaper in existence. Sometimes it slips, sometimes it goes too far, and most of the time, it's priceless. Introduced Kip to redmeat (see above)

Suck Sometimes hits, sometimes misses, always has that distinctive layout. Filler on Wednesdays is very cool.
Ars Technica Hardcore information site for geeks. GEEKS.

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Belle and Sebastian Moody Brit pop music. Depressing at times, simplistic at times, freakily inaccessible at times, but always listenable. Kip's dad officially "doesn't get" this music. Which is funny when you think that most music that parents don't get is heavy thrash metal.
Magnetic Fields Moody Stephen Merrit writes amazingly cool songs that sound unlike anything else. Lines like, "And I always say I love you when I mean 'turn out the light.'" This site is not the official one but there's lyrics and graphics... Go see how cool the lyrics are.
Barenaked Ladies Kip's favorite band while in high school. We went to see them in Chicago freshman year. We took this really sketchy cab company who got lost and actually had to fill up the cabs once during the trip. And of course Kip took shit for that, because he organized everything.