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The Cast So Far

Meet Kip

Kip (or Kipster, in full) is your everyday computer geek who's trying really hard to be interesting in spite of it. He fights stereotype by doing improv and writing and reading lots of modern fiction He also falls in love with every third girl he meets, just to keep life interesting. His secret shame is that he really doesn't know that much about computers and has to bullshit a lot. Thankfully, he's pretty good at guessing what's what. It helps that he uses a Mac.

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Meet Sil

Silvan wants to help people, but she doesn't know how she intends to do it. Until she decides upon that single, purposeful passion, she bides her time by devoting herself to as many as inhumanly possible. At the moment, Sil spends her days drawing, running, writing, singing loudly and off-key, practicing kung fu, and trouncing ass in Puzzle Fighter. She sometimes wonders if the anomalous behavior brought on by her regular forfeiture of sleep, food, and decisiveness is the reason why all her friends tend to look at her askance, but she never has time to ponder it much.

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Meet Rick

Rick is a friend of Kip's from high school who ended up at college with Kip and Sil. Rick is indispensable as a source of advice, assistance, and acerbic sarcasm, when the situation calls for it. Rick has impeccable taste and frequently corrects Kip's more gauche behavior. Now that he's ditched Kip and Sil to live with some other people next year, look for many strips where things fall on him and people insult him.

Meet Lia

Think you're cool? Well, you're not as cool as this girl. Lia is loud. Lia is smart. And Lia cares not a whit about what you think of her. Sometimes she's spacy. Sometimes she's earnest. Regardless of her mental state, her enthusiasm has no rival. Lia dresses in styles all her own and sings other people's songs at the drop of a hat. A study in contradictions? Perhaps. But she also drives the wrong way down one way streets. So all this independence does have its pitfalls.