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Strip for 4/11/2001  
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And you say, please, please no more broken promises! That's what you say. Um, sorry about Saturday's strip never appearing. I'd like to say that I promise it'll never happen again, but I always learned never to make promises that I can't keep. So I'll just say that we'll try to keep such things to a minimum. Because, as we've said countless times before... we care about you. And we love you. And we don't want you to lose faith in us.

So, Saturday's strip now appears today.

So... for putting up with our tardiness, I say to you more. I again make wild claims and say that Scrubs shirts will be appearing soon, courtesy of every webcomic's friendly friend, CafePress. We want to hop on their bandwagon before like all other cool services on the net, they too go poof. I'm not saying they will, I'm just saying that with the flameouts happening all over the sector, I think that getting the goods while the getting's good would be a wise move. So look for those in <consulting outrageous claim maker> 3 weeks. Oh yes... three weeks.

In other news... got the new monitor. There's a tiny blemish on the front, but I'm going to not whine. This will teach me however never to use eBay again for >$100 purchases. On the good side, it doesn't shake. So no headache. So I beat NOLF, finally (had to put that thing on hiatus!) There is a sniper battle at the end that's not quite Enemy At the Gates type cool, but pretty sweet. Of course, nothing compares to the MGS2 pistol battle, but hey... not all game designers can be touched with genius.

In other games that I can now play again news... I'm pretty hooked on Starcraft with colleagues here. Many nights I've gone to bed way too late after "just one more." In the latest battle, I thought I was pretty set with my Terran missile turret base thing but Ed and Adam's Protoss Carriers showed me a thing or two (like I should have been Protoss too).

Finally, a big ole birthday shoutout (it was yesterday, but what the hell) to my best friend, the guy I grew up with, the one who's been there for as long as I can remember needing people to be there. Happy 21, buddy.