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Strip for 1/1/2001
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Here we come.

Welcome to the first Scrubs strip ever. For our friends and family who've been seeing our first strip for a couple of months... yup, it's still the same. For those of you seeing this for the first time, welcome. Hope you liked the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom reference. If you didn't get it, the strip probably makes no sense.

So this is the site. It'll be updated every Wednesday and Saturday barring any unforeseen difficulties in our lives, either from the insane amount of work that Silvan does or the insane number of girls that I mope about. The stick figure art is just placeholders for now but if we get attached to them... they'll stay.

Why are we making a webcomic about our lives? These days it seems that everyone and their grandmother and their father's brother's cousin's former roommate have a webcomic. And over half of those are, like this one, populated by thinly veiled versions of the artists themselves. What the heck are we, two inexperienced college kids, doing this for? What truths could we possibly have to share? How pretentious is this paragraph getting? (36% on the Pretentio-meter and rising)

I guess we'll find out. We're just some Scrubs. Having a good time.


pre 01/01/2001:

Welcome to the start of something big. That sounds better than "Welcome to the start of something... something."

So welcome to the very first Scrubs strip. This (and by this, I mean the whole kit and kaboodle you see before you) is a product of a lot of love. This strip is going to save our lives. We mean this.

Besides that, why should you keep coming back every Wednesday and Saturday? Because you'll get a little bit of homemade funny that hopefully not suck. What can you expect? Some strips like this one (ie weird weird weird happenings). Some strips a little more reality based. Angst. You know. Fun stuff.

So, why are all the dates 1/1/2001 when you're obviously seeing this before that point in time? Well, consider this the beta test period. All good products have good testing. Actually, if you must know, I'm too lazy to make teaser pages and the like. I figure the people who are seeing this now have good reason too and if the page is nasty ugly whatever, they still like us enough to keep coming back.

So thanks for looking now and many more thanks in the future when we go live. On 1/1/2001.