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Strip for 4/18/2001  
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Sorry this is a little bit late...

The one comment I've been getting lately from acquaintances, friends, etc, is, "You look tired." Well, duh, I'm tired. I've been battling this sniffle. Here's how that works... I take Nyquil, the Grean Death flavored elixir of the cold fighting gods, before bedtime. Usually right before, so that the body warming effect takes place in my belly and sends me off to a deep dreamless sleep. I wake up, feeling great. So I then go outside into the deceptively sunny yet brisk outdoors and catch cold again. Sniffle sniffle.

Besides that, I've been just beat on catching up on classes. This was supposed to be my easy quarter, but there's always something left to do. I realize that everyone else is as busy as I am so I shouldn't whine, but hell, I've got a sniffle.

The worst thing about this sniffle is it makes me self conscious about hitting on women. I mean, nothing kills a guy's appeal like saying, "Gosh, you look pretty," through a noseful of snot, right? And forget any impulsive kissing.

Which brings me to this strip... yes, to my shame, I never did kiss Quad Girl. Well, on the cheek. Right. That's what I get for taking things slowly. Regret.