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Strip for 3/6/2002
This is the first strip in a storyline
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These next 7 or so strips were all written this morning. So there was no real possibility of the strip going up last night to be on time. No, last night when I should have been doing this blurb, or architecture work, I was instead getting dumped. But you, readers, gain! Daily updates until this story is told and these strips are published!

"Dumped?" you ask. Kip, when were you dating anyone? Well, that's the story isn't it? Required reading is Twin Girl's introduction during the male escort strips. Especially the blurbs.

For the lazy, I'll just say that last quarter, I met a girl and we got to know each other gradually. She had a long distance boyfriend, so I didn't just rush in and get rejected.

Part I: The G.B.F.

Around the end of November and the beginning of December, Twin Girl and I started spending time together. I cooked her dinner. We went to lunch and then sat on these swings at the park, although it was chilly. We'd go out for coffee. We started IMing a lot (funny side note, all my relationship dissections in the past have been through saved emails. Now I'm combing through IM logs. How technology changes.)


TwinGirl (1:27:44 AM): i've been thinking about getting a surrogate boyfriend
ScrubsKip (1:28:27 AM): define,,,
TwinGirl (1:30:14 AM): someone to keep me company--to comfort me--to just hang out without sexual tension
TwinGirl (1:30:54 AM): mostly to make each other feel special
ScrubsKip (1:31:03 AM): isn't there always tension between the genders? (to paraphrase when harry met sally)
TwinGirl (1:31:28 AM): yeah--but at least by establishing the parameters it's out in the open
ScrubsKip (1:31:45 AM): so what are the parameters on such a surrogate?
TwinGirl (1:32:13 AM): i'm in love but lonely
TwinGirl (1:33:28 AM): i miss the comfort of having someone there
ScrubsKip (1:33:32 AM): k. i'd feel badly for such a surrogate tho
ScrubsKip (1:33:36 AM): for him, he might be giving it his all
TwinGirl (1:33:36 AM): i know
ScrubsKip (1:33:44 AM): but there'll be a part of you that is holding back
TwinGirl (1:33:48 AM): that's why he cant want a relationship
TwinGirl (1:37:24 AM): i'm just kidding myself
ScrubsKip (1:37:50 AM): what, why?
TwinGirl (1:38:06 AM): this isnt really what i want
TwinGirl (1:38:15 AM): it's just a non-solution
ScrubsKip (1:38:19 AM): so... we can't hang out anymore? :-)
TwinGirl (1:38:37 AM): well....alright
TwinGirl (1:38:40 AM): jk

Like I said on there in early December, that's what I was OK being. It was a raw deal, but I enjoyed her company so much that it seemed to make up for it. Reading this now, it seems so clear, right? "She told you that you couldn't want a relationship, Kip." And I was OK with that. Really. Until the middle of December rolled around.

Let's go with a full multimedia blitz! Today's song to go with the strip is These Days written by Jackson Browne, performed by Nico, and featured on the Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack. I think I've posted this song before, performed by Fountains of Wayne. Nico makes it sound so much sadder...

Oh, and there's be a new strip up Thursday, probably in the evening, so check it out. And if you miss a day, that's cool. I'll be here all week.

Heartbroken, but healing.