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11/3/2005: Guitar Hero
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Power chord!
Posted at 10:58:31 PM on Nov 2, 2005 by kip
I went to Best Buy to pick up this game today even though I'd preordered it at EB (this is how much I wanted to play it). And now that I have, I am one step closer to have had in videogames the experience of rocking out. Bongos were fun, but there's something even cooler about the guitar controller. Something that makes you stand with a hip out, working the strum bar and fingers flying over the fret buttons as your combo meter goes up and up and then you slam your controller in the air, activating the star power mode and the crowd goes wild and the song finishes in a blaze of lights and chord.

Then the little ingame dude thwacks his guitar into the ground and you wish you could do the same.

K, off to play some more.