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11/22/2005: Xbox 360
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T Minus 10 hours
Posted at 10:54:28 PM on Nov 21, 2005 by kip
I haven't left to go wait in line yet (about 5 hours away from that) but man, this is exciting. Haven't waited for a system since the PS2... I'm planning to pick up Project Gotham Racing 3 and Perfect Dark Zero. I also have it worked out that I'm going to be pulling a full day of work tomorrow, since I have a recruiting event at night. So, no guilt over taking a vacation day, like Adam's doing. Plus, just spoke to Todd and he's coming up to Evanston to wait as well, just because he has nothing better to do tomorrow. My PSP is loaded with season 2 of the Office and I've got this really warm hat from Sil, so my head doesn't freeze.

Now I just need to score a system...