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3/11/2003: Barista
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Posted at 07:56:57 PM on Mar 10, 2003 by kip
Hello and welcome to Bull and Bunny.
This is my first solo effort as both writer and artist on a webcomic and I'm pretty excited (sure, this is now at the beginning. Ask me when I'm facing deadline and totally spaced out).
Sure, there are even more webcomics out there than there were when Scrubs started, and sure this isn't the first strip with talking animals living in our world and making comments about it and sure, Berke Breathed did it all 20 years ago. But I'm still happy with how B&B is turning out, even in these nascent stages.
Part of the reason I'm excited is that even though I'm writing and drawing Bull and Bunny, this site is designed so that my friends can get in on all the blurbing, linking and general fun of a webcomic (stolen shamelessly from the Penny Arcade concept). I've learned a lot from design decisions made during Scrubs and I think Bull and Bunny: the website should be a rocking good time.
See you Thursday for strip #2.
Posted at 09:48:55 PM on Mar 10, 2003 by el
how cute is bunny? so cute. but he looks so mournful in panel 3.
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True Gore-able Offenses
Posted at 11:37:23 PM on Mar 10, 2003 by sil
1) looking, acting, or sounding like hugh grant.
2) spamming people with advertisements of anti-spam programs, claiming that "we understand how you feel!" while failing to provide the option to unsubscribe from future mailings. what the...??
3) persistent use of the word nuk-u-lar.
4) persistent use of the word nuk-u-lar by a man who is purportedly the leader of the free world.
5) seducing apple fans by designing a sleek, smart amex blue credit card that's the perfect aesthetic companion to any mac product, but refusing to develop an OS compatible card reader. with no plans to ever do so. can you say "unforgivable marketing move?" how about "ARRRG!"
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Oh, right
Posted at 12:00:26 AM on Mar 11, 2003 by kip
That's right, I used to use the comments to talk about the strips in particular. Sorry, I've been out of practice.
When I was in grade school, I'd sometimes annoy the older kids. The only reason I'm not still stuffed in a locker is because I had my friend Jason Palumbo to protect me. Jason would come running when he'd see me in trouble. He never had to beat anyone up, but he was intimidating enough that he didn't have to. And then I started using his powers for evil and not good.
Then we grew up and went to different high schools. That's when I needed a bodyguard. In the end, I just stopped mouthing off so much. But I'm going to let Bunny do the trashtalking for me now.
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Posted at 11:49:13 PM on Mar 11, 2003 by jenny
So kip(that sounds so odd since i rarely call you that)-
are you trying to hint at the fact that you are used by your friends for your goring ability (aka expansive knowledge of computers?) :-) just wanted to make sure i was getting the message. and i definitely have to agree with sil that nuk-u-lar is definitely a gorable offense
-anyway you're off to a great start! glad to see you have found a fun way to occupy your free time(i guess i will have to accept that cleaning the apt. will never be on your list of fun)
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I'm not a bunny
Posted at 01:08:52 AM on Mar 17, 2003 by rick
Kip, are we friends because of my rantings?