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10/31/2005: Halloween
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Happy Halloween!
Posted at 09:23:43 PM on Oct 30, 2005 by kip
So, yeah, I checked the signup list at the front desk at my building and only 4 people have signed up as Trick or Treat friendly units for tonight. Only 4 other units are bothering to buy a bag of candy and pass it out. I am shocked. And a bit indignant. I guess there aren't that many kids in the building. Also, as a kid, what's the fun of going to a building anyway?
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What's the fun?
Posted at 09:08:26 AM on Oct 31, 2005 by ming
Well, wouldn't the fun be in such a high concentration of inhabitants?

Plus, if it's rainy, a multi-unit place would be awesome.

And talk about efficiency! Just straight down the hallway. No running from the street to the door, and back, and then down the street and then up the driveway, etc.

Or am I missing the point?
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Posted at 09:54:15 AM on Oct 31, 2005 by kip
I think that is the point of trick of treating... the walking. Otherwise, it'd probably be a lot more efficient for the building if all the owners just left the candy at the front desk and kids just stopped by to get it. I just realized that I'm not going to be around during trick or treat time, so I'm going to be putting a bag on my door.
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darth bunny
Posted at 04:48:12 PM on Nov 10, 2005 by sil
LOVE the vader costume!!

trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood are a dying breed, too...nowadays kids are just getting dropped off at the mall where they collect halloween treats/subliminal propaganda from stores. laaaame....