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2/8/2005: The Chef
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Scrub scrub scrub
Posted at 10:21:26 PM on Feb 7, 2005 by kip
Do you know how hard it is to type "scrub" without typing "scrubs"? Man. Muscle memory. Crazy.

Anyway, I made spaghetti tonight (with meatballs) and I'm amazed at how inefficient I was due to proper safe meat handling procedures. Not that I really mind, but man, I don't think I did any of that when I was a carefree senior in college, just trying to get some protein in before heading out to the bar.

Anyway, the meatballs themselves... kinda bland. I dumped paprika, sage, onion, pepper, cinnamon and oregano. Obviously I needed more of everything involved.

Ah well, there's a pound of frozen ground beef in the freezer, ready for me to try again in a week.
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scrubs scrubs scrubs
Posted at 09:40:55 PM on Mar 9, 2005 by sil
i can't do it either! amazing...