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3/25/2004: The Movie
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Posted at 12:54:52 AM on Mar 24, 2004 by kip
Sorry for the rushed artwork... I figured the dim lights would cover it. :-)

Anyway, yeah, holding hands at the movie theater... another dating conundrum. In high school, I had the worst time with this. Should hands be held throughout? Is there taboo in mixing popcorn and holding hand? (oh yeah) Etc. Not to mention the movies where handholding is right out (ah, seeing Seven in the theater with Melissa Klein...)

And yet, as Holden Caulfield will tell you... there are some people you can just hold hands with and not even think twice about it.

Just gotta find 'em.

El and I will be in New York the rest of this week. Can't wait!
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Posted at 08:45:59 AM on Mar 25, 2004 by ming
Ah, having to go see Seven in a theater in order to drive and chaperone you and Melissa Klein...

You still owe me. Heh heh heh...
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Posted at 01:09:20 AM on Mar 30, 2004 by kip
Sorry, strip will be a day late because I took my improv team out after the show...

Oh, and sis, Seven was a double date, remember???
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Oh, the memories
Posted at 08:52:14 AM on Mar 30, 2004 by ming
Yes, I remember that it was a double date. I remember lots of gory details; given that the movie in question was "Seven", there were gory details to spare! But as for the date itself, since it was a double date, then I guess I would have to say that you still owe US. Mostly for making us go and see Seven. The rest has gone down in history as part of the Collected Stories of Kip.