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7/22/2003: Trailer Promo
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I'm still mean
Posted at 11:21:15 PM on Jul 21, 2003 by kip
And you guys seem to like it!

I've had this strip in mind since the Fandango "Arrrr" commercials. At the very beginning, there was groaning. Fine. Groaning is natural. It's the donkey bray haha's that piss me off.

The newer Fandango one with the New Age folk was even worse.

I must admit, I don't mind the latest one with the paper bag puppets. It's short, sweet, and the "we go clubbing" line is OK. So when the donkey bray comes, I start to really wish that the theater had pen throwers with eye targetting modules.

Side note: people who bring babies to PG13 movies need their parenting licenses suspended. Your kid won't remember, much less understand the movie. They'll just start to cry and annoy everyone around. Oh yeah. It's true. Even if they're normally very good. So get a babysitter. For just a little more than the price of that kid's ticket! Amazing.