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5/6/2003: Sunset
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The Sunset
Posted at 12:29:19 AM on May 6, 2003 by kip
Hmmmm, the trash is piling up. I am indebted to Jenny, who tackled a huge mountain (like in the third panel!) of dishes the other day. In the morning, so it woke me up, but that's cool. I've really been a bad roomie about the chores since I started work. I keep telling myself that once I get in the groove I'll be better, but really, it's not happening. Anyway, this is a strip about that, since Jenny is always prodding me about being a computer troll (which I guess I'm slowly becoming...)
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Posted at 10:51:53 AM on May 6, 2003 by kip
I was in a rush to play Midnight Club II with Rick last night, so I didn't post very much. I apologize. Mmmm, they should put sunsets into Midnight Club! That'd be sweet. Anyway, that game is as much to blame for my lack of doing chores as anything else. It was a crazy busy weekend, however, with three birthdays (Rick, El and Mom, in that chronological order), so...

Hm, can you tell that I'm bored at work?
Summertime. And the Living is Easy.
Posted at 02:01:10 AM on May 7, 2003 by El
Itís really sad how the chores mount up. At least you guys have a dishwasher though. Iím starting to develop a fondness for the dish sculptures that appear in our kitchen. The one currently in our sink looks as if someone had spent hours arranging the various pieces of dishware... I guess the trick is in the stacking, and the thing about a good dish sculpture is that there always appears to be room for ONE MORE cup, perhaps the VERY one youíve just drinking out of... :)