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3/25/2003: Bunny Lust
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Ah, stability
Posted at 01:14:52 PM on Mar 21, 2003 by kip
My sister used to mock me the way Bull is mocking Bunny. Of course, I omitted panel 5, where Bunny leaps at his friend with sharp little teeth, to keep the strip good clean family fun. You can just imagine it, though.
It wasn't just my sister, either. My dad and brother would join in on the fun. My dad would sing, "And they call it... puppy love." And I'd be so angry, yelling, "It's real love!" 'Course, I was around 14, so he was right.
Last week, El finished finals early, so we got to have a mini Spring Break before I left to go on tour. Lots of time spent together, and you know, even though I can't write about heartbreak as convincingly as Scrubs Kip did, I wouldn't go back for anything. I can find new stuff to write about.
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That was not mockery!
Posted at 10:15:48 PM on Mar 25, 2003 by ming
I protest! It wasn't mockery. It was a psychological technique designed to help you face your true fears and self actualize in an indirect manner.

Okay. It wasn't psych. But it wasn't heartless mockery. And I never made fun of your love life while it was going on. That was other family members.

"Little cloud of bunny lust." Heh heh heh.... Love it.
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Posted at 11:06:02 PM on Mar 25, 2003 by julian
How does Bunny Lust compare to Penguin Lust? http://pw1.netcom.com/~dplourde/cartoons/bloom06.html