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3/18/2003: Animals Attack
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Busting Caps
Posted at 09:15:59 PM on Mar 17, 2003 by kip
This was the first strip I made, so the process wasn't fully defined yet. Hell, it's not fully defined now.
As for the writing style, I'm going for what Neil Gaiman said was a Sandman staple: two people talking and not really listening to each other... Not so much about punchlines. But this one has one. Because I'm weak.
Anyway, the original punchline was Bull saying, "I feel like Joe Millionaire's brother." People who went through the Joe Millionare watching thought it was funny, but no one else did. I don't think the reference will age as well as Cops, which is a perennial joke. This glut of reality shows has me thinking how my family would feel if I went on one in pursuit of fame and ridicule. They'd probably lead the ridicule. Just kidding, they'd be really supportive at the time and mock later.
I wasn't planning on it at the time, but I think Uncle Hector deserves to be a recurring character, based on my Uncle Peter. Not that he's been on Cops or anything, but I think he'll be fun to write about.
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Everybody Loves Raymond
Posted at 12:10:03 PM on Mar 18, 2003 by julian
The rerun of ELR last night on WGN was the one where Robert gets chased by a runaway bull and gets gored in the "upper thigh". Hilarious.