So sad: I purchased a Halo Scorpion Mega Bloks set (note not Lego) today to bring to the office on Monday (we’re sprucing up the place a bit). I cleaned off the coffee table and got out the camera: ready to document the building.

I noticed that the flap was only stuck on with . . . → Read More: Lego

Walking Dead / Invincible

I’m finally caught up to date on The Walking Dead and Invincible, 2 comic series by Robert Kirkman. I love comic books, but I’m way too lazy to go to the comic store every week to pick up single issues, so until I got my iPad, I would have to wait for the books to . . . → Read More: Walking Dead / Invincible

My life in Halo, part 2

Part 1 of this post is here.

We continued to play Halo 2, basically until Halo 3 came out. In fact, even after the Xbox 360 launched and we waited in line overnight for it, the game that spent the most time in the console was still Halo 2. We joked that the backwards compatibility . . . → Read More: My life in Halo, part 2

My life in Halo, part 1

Tuesday’s impending launch of Halo Reach is occupying most of the idle cycles of my brain. I’ve been watching gameplay videos, reading the recently unembargoed reviews, and in general, looking forward to not getting much else done this week. Much has been written about how this is Bungie’s last Halo outing and therefore, may be . . . → Read More: My life in Halo, part 1

Monopoly Deal / Lost Cities

I was going to post a bunch of stuff about Halo today, but then I thought it would make the blog a little video game centric. So, instead, I want to talk about the 2 card games I’ve been playing lately: Monopoly Deal and Lost Cities.

I first learned about Monopoly Deal earlier this year . . . → Read More: Monopoly Deal / Lost Cities


I’m amazed at my continued interest in Starcraft! I’ve been playing every other night or so with my friend John.

We play Coop vs the AI, 2v2. We started out against Medium – Medium, got to Hard – Hard and now we’re trying to cross to the next level: Very Hard – Hard. I’m playing . . . → Read More: Starcraft

Blog reboot

Hey, look, I’m back on the internet.

I figured it was getting sort of embarrassing to be out in the Bay Area and to have a complete cobweb of a site when everyone else here has a web presence. Lately, I’ve been reading back through my old webcomics and I’m sort of sad that I . . . → Read More: Blog reboot